Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Museum of Western Art Ueno

I went to Ueno on a Friday, November 29th. I usually have a kindergarten lesson the AM but it was cancelled. And I usually have an adult lesson in the afternoon at my school. However this was the fifth Friday of the month so there was no lesson. So, I was as free as a bird. I took a trip to Ueno. I took the 8:44 train from Okegawa and arrived Ueno at around 9:10. My goal was to visit the Ueno Museum of Western art. That is right in Ueno park. The exhibition was 'The Hapsburg Dynasty: 600 years of Imperial Collections.’ I bought my ticket at Ueno station. That was very convenient. It was a gorgeous morning as I walked to the museum. I took photos of the sculptures outside and then entered. The exhibit was excellent. There were many fine paintings. And they were a very large scale. I estimate that some were more than two meters, maybe even three meters high. I was inside for over an hour. I did not rent an audio guide. Rather, I examined (looked closely) at the paintings. There were many fine details and paintings that looked like photographs. They were beautiful. From there I had lunch and dessert at Ueno station and was back to my school at 2pm. A splendid morning.  

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