Wednesday, December 25, 2019

A night out

I went out drinking with a friend, Mark, a couple of Saturdays ago. He's Japanese. I have known Mark since about 2010. He was one of my students when I taught an adult lesson in Omiya. He's a cool guy and he knows so much about everything. We have been out drinking quite a few times. (We went to Daitoryou in Tokyo in October.) This time we met at Ageo station at 6:30pm that Saturday. Our first destination was the Kita-no-Kuni Baru. It has an Italian menu and a lively atmosphere. We had a couple of beers and then some shochu. The food included raw oysters and spicy seafood. We left after an hour or so.  Next we headed to SAKANAYA. This place is pure Japanese. It is down the stairs in a cellar. Dark. We had some Sashimi and sake and shochu. Here everything was delicious. We sat in a corner table in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Finally we took a taxi to our usual last stop. It is a Bistro (snack). There are a lot of interesting characters here. Many customers sang karaoke. Everybody knows everybody. I drank whiskey here. Mark sang a song. I did not. But I do remember coming home! Thanks, Mark.

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