Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Clean up

There are 130 households (houses) in our 'Fujinami Danchi'. And we are divided into 6 Blocks. Our house belongs to Block 6. And it was Block 6's turn to clean the community building and the grounds surrounding it. I have done this before. There is a Shrine in the area. There are three areas to clean. One is the inside of the community Building. That is where we hold meetings and parties and such. The other was the outside toilet building. Another is the ground outside. 12 people showed up to work. It started at 8AM and was scheduled to end at 9AM. 5 women and one girl went directly to the inside of the center to clean up.  I went straight to the toilet. I have dome this cleanup before. I was on my own. All the other gents began sweeping up all the fallen leaves in the yard. I used a water hose and toilet cleaners and brushes in my effort. It took me about 25 minutes. By that time the ladies had finished so we all joined in the yard cleanup. It was all about raking up the fallen leaves. There were a lot! I worked till just 9:00 and then said goodbye. I wanted to start my Tokyo drive adventure as soon as possible. 

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