Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Water Bus Tokyo

I took a ride on one of the water buses in Tokyo a couple of weeks ago. It was not my first time. The last time tat I did it was some 25 years ago with my family. This time I went alone. It is part of my "Experience/explore" Tokyo adventure. The first departure time is at 9:50AM. But, I was too late to ride that one. Why? Because there was a 30 minute train delay that Sunday morning. However I did make (ride) the very next one which was at 10AM. So, no worries. I rode the HOTALUNA. It cost \1,700. It takes about 70 minutes with a stop at HINODE. The ride was pretty cool. The weather was good; cloudy then sunny, cool then warm. So, I was inside the ship and then up to the upper deck outside. There were many people but not a full house (not 100% capacity) so it was easy to get a seat anywhere and at anytime. More than half the guests were non-Japanese. I was watching the buildings and bridges that we passed along the way. Rainbow Bridge was impressive. And we finally docked at Odaiba around 11AM. The ride was fun, but I will probably never do it again. Twice is enough.

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