Friday, May 24, 2019

Big Band

Miwako plays the piano. She has been playing since she was a kid. And she took a pause form this hobby for 20 years or us when we got married. Ten years ago she bought a used piano and brougth it to our house. She practises a lot. She usually practises when I am not home. And sometimes I go out when she practises. She joined a big band group several years ago. She practises with them. She also takes piano lessons. Very serious! Every year the Big Band group plays in Omiya during May. It is outdoors. I have been there twice before and this time I went again May 12th. I took some pictures and recorded a cople of videos. The band played five tunes. And I must say that they were very good. You can see in hte pic that there were saxophones, trombones, trumpets a drummer and a piano player. That is Miwako. They played at the Omiya elementary school not far from Omiya station east side. The performance lasted only 20 minutes and it was very enjoyable. Congratulations Miwako, et al.

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