Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The new Emperor

Congratulations to all Japanese! The Heisei era has ended and the Reiwa era has begun. Emperor Akihito has abdicated the throne. That means that he has stepped down. And you could even say the he has retired. He is 85 years old. His son, Naruhito, has ascended the throne. He has become the new Emperor of Japan. He is 58 years old. I first came to Japan in 1984. At that time it was the Showa Era and Akihito's father was the Emperor. His name is Haruhito. He died it 1989. I attended a ceremony with thousands of other at the SHinjujku Gyouen, to pay my respects to him. Since that time, and up until last week, it was the Heisei Era. So, this is my 3rd Emperor. Of course, it is also so for many Japanese. Why? Because before Emperor Hirohito, his father was on the throne. Do you remember him? I'm sure no one does as he passed away in 1926. He was the Taisho Emperor and his name was Yoshihito. Anyway, Japanese history is long and there have need many Emperors (Naruhito is the 126th). I think it is pretty cool. Most Japanese people hold them in high esteem. I wish Naruhito and his family much success. 

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