Thursday, May 9, 2019

Tonde Saitama

Did you see this movie? It is hilarious. That means that it is very, very funny. Of course, that is my opinion. I heard about it from some students and I decided that I must see it. Why? Because it is about a conflict between Saitama and Tokyo. Not a war; it is a battle. Chiba and Kanagawa and Gunma prefectures are also involved (included). And, because I live in Saitama I know many of the places that they spoke about in the story. And, the Japanese humor was cool. Of course, I did not understand everything that was said and discussed, so I had to see it twice! The first time was at Movix Cinemas in Shintoshin. It started at 9AM. There were maybe 15 people there to watch the movie. So, there were no big laughter or uproars when the jokes were made or the scene was funny. After the first time I talked with family and students about it and realized that I had to see it again. I went to Kounosu theater on a Thursday morning. This time maybe 10 people were there. I learned more. But, to tell the truth I didn't know that the main character, Momomi, was a boy! I need to level up my Japanese.

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