Friday, May 17, 2019

Never give up

There is a restaurant in Ueno that I have been longing to go to for a long time. These days I go ot Tokyo a lot. I like to visit new and interesting places. Many teach me about the history of Tokyo and/or Japan. And during my adventures in Tokyo I I have to eat, of course. When that happens I try to find restaurants or places that offer good food. Hopefully it will be delicious. I never go to fast food places. And once or twice I have been to hotel restaurants. It is all part of the experience. Finally I had lunch at a restaurant in Ueno park called "Le quattro stagioni". On April 29th I was on my way to the Rikugien Park. I rode the train to Ueno and searched for ht is restaurant. All of the other eateries were full with people lined up outside waiting to get in. Then I found my restaurant. There was one seat open. I got in and had a very nice pasta lunch. I sat outside. It was very pleasant and relaxing. People were passing by to and fro. Nice. By the way, "Le quattro stagioni" means "The four seasons" in Italian. 

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