Thursday, May 30, 2019

Akasaka State Guest House Part 2

I bought a ticket for 1,500en. There was a bag check. No worries. Then I watched a 17 minute video explaining about the Guest House. They have one in Japanese and one in English. There are no restrooms in the Guest House so I took care of that then I walked to the entrance. I rented an audio device for 200en. Then I went in. Fantastic! Gorgeous! Wonderful! Unbelievable! There are four rooms. Each one has chandeliers, paintings, furniture and some have pillars and mirrors. Everything is huge and very detailed. There are paintings and tapestries and carvings and plaques. Each room has it own story and own style. They are different colors. Red is very popular and so many hintgs are made of gold. The white walls are so fine. They are W-H-I-T-E! I looked closely but I couldn't find any blemishes. There was gold everywhere. The Entrance Hall and Grand staircase were regal. It took less than an hour to see everything. I then went outside to the garden in front. The basic design is modeled after the Palace if Versailles in France. There were three food and drink vehicles in the front garden. I had a snack. I walked around the front garden. Even the fence around the place is wonderful. I recommend that everywhere go here at least once.

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