Thursday, May 23, 2019

GW vacation Part 2

During our visit to Izu we stayed at three locations. First we were at a hotel in Toi. It is on the west side of Izu. Right in front of the hotel was the ocean. It is facing the east. We saw a beautiful sunrise the next morning. I watched the calm waves rolling in and out from the window. At night I went down there and walked in the surf up to my ankles. Ahhhhh. The next day we drove down south to the bottom of the peninsula. The coastline was beautiful. It was windy though. We drove across to the east side to check into our next hotel in Inatori. We had another gorgeous meal that night. The next day we went back to the west coast to visit a museum. It is the Chouhachi Irie museum. It is small and there were some very interesting relief works there. Then we headed back across the peninsula to Shimoda. But first I took a dip in the ocean at Yumigahama beach. Brrrrrr. This was our final destination. We spent one night here and we had dinner at a local Izaka. We finally headed home on May 4th. It was a wonderful vacation. The only bad news was that we never went to Irouzaki and the Aloe Center for some aloe soft cream. Maybe next time.

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