Tuesday, May 21, 2019


I have been to many parks in Tokyo since last October. I checked my map of Tokyo and found the major ones that I can visit. I most recent one is The Rikugien in the Bunkyo Ward, very near Sugamo station. After lunch in Ueno I took hte train to the station and walked ot he park. There is a high wall that goes all the way around the park. At the entrance I got my senior discount ticket and started walking. It is not a big park. But it is very beautiful. It has a pond. It has a hill. It has many paths which go all around the park. There were not a lot of people though. There were foreigners and there were groups on tours. The weather was just right. It was neither hot nor was it cold. It was just right. I walked for about an hour before stopping to get a treat. It was special because it was a green tea with a sweet. When you purchase that you can sit in the area that has the best view of hte pond. I was there close to half an hour. That was relaxing and then I was ready to continue my tour. I went ot he back of hte park. There were some interesting things such as bridges, rocks, trees and flowers. I'll visit again when the season changes. 

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