Wednesday, May 22, 2019

GW vacation Part 1

We decided to take a few days vacation during Golden Week this year. Our first plan was to visit the Himeji Castle in Hyougo prefecture. It is also known as the White Heron Castle. Then I hoped to go to the Adachi art Museum and garden in Shimane prefecture and finally the Izumo Taisha also in Shimane prefecture. However we heard so many horror stories about the amount of traffic we would encounter (meet) this GW, that we gave up on this plan. Instead we took a safe trip down to Izu. Of course there was a chance we would run into traffic jams here too. Luckily, there were none. We left home on the 1st and got back on the 4th. We stayed at three different hotels. Two included dinner and one did not. That was our last night. On that night we went to the same Izakaya that we dined at two months ago when we stayed at a business hotel near Shimoda station. And as usual the dinners at the hotels were fantastic. There was just too much food! All three nights we had delicious food and drinks. My weight definitely went up.... a little.

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