Friday, May 10, 2019

Spring has come by Atsushi

Spring has come to my home.
Last October a son some was born to my daughter and her husband, who live in Yokohama. The son's name is Riku.
Riku is our first grandson so we are all very much delighted.
I retired from work after 45 years last March. I was supposed to live leisurely from April. However my guess was quite wrong.
At he beginning of April, my daughetr had to be hospitalized suddenly. So my wife and I had to take care of Riku at our home.
My daughter came to our house with her husband at the end of March.
We give milk to Riku, bathed him and changed his diapers.
We got tired but we were happy to see his smile.
We were tied up but this hectic time has come to an end.
These happy times will be remembered and are irreplaceable memories.
This cherry blossom season ends along with warm sunlight. Spring has come.

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