Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Waxing the house Part 2

The first problem was when to wax. I had to wax when it was convenient for all the members of the family. So, I waxed when thewy were sleeping or when they were not at home. I started early in the morning. I tried not to make too much noise. The first day I waxed the upstairs hallway. That was easy There are no obstacles to clear away. What are the obstacles? They are things such as furniture, boxes, baskets, lamps, television, etc. Here is the process:
1. Move all obstacles to one side.
2. Wipe the exposed (open) floor with the floor cleaner.
3. When it dries, with a damp (slightly wet) cloth.
4. When it dries wax the floor.
5. When it dries put all the obstacles back in their original place.
I did the work over five days. I used two buckets, three old towels, one wax applicator (it is like a broom).
Tomorrow I will tell you the order that I waxed.

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