Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Trip to Tunisia by Kazuko Part 2

Food and Drink
"Oja" is the specialty of the country. It is a little spicy, tomato flavored soup. It has several kinds of vegetables and meat in it. I love it! The fresh orange juice and the mint tea were amazing as well.
I visited some remains. Tunisia has a long history. It was originally a country called 'Carthage' built by Phoenicians. The country flourished before the Roman Empire era. The Romans defeated Carthage. They completely destroyed the city and built a new one over the ruins. A lot of ancient Carthage still sleeps underground. I felt a sense of romance.
Back at Narita
I made a blunder. I lost my passport after passing through customs. I noticed that immediately. I was searching for it when I was paged. What a relief! I was lucky. If it had happened abroad I could never find it. Happy am I!
Anyway, I came back home safe and sound. All's well that ends well.

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