Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Oishi Kominkan Short Course

I received a telephone call from the Oishi Kpominkan last December. They were looking for an English teacher. They wanted to do a short course lesson for adults. The lesson would be on Monday afternoon. It would be from 1:30 to 3:00pm. There would be up to 20 students. This fit my schedule, so I accepted the offer. It began on January 28th with 20 adult students. It ended on February 17th. I knew two of the students. They were my students in the past. One was from the distant past. One was from the near past. And, to my surprise, my next-door neighbor attended! I didn't recognize her even though she came to my school, once. Anyway, the lessons went on in typical fashion. We had questions and answers. I gave then the usual Homework that I use on my BLOGs. We did a listening practice with a CD once. And finally, in the last lesson, we played Super Scrabble. That was the most fun. However, there were only 11 students. The Komoinkan people were all very nice too. And, one lady brought her grandchildren to my school for a sample lesson. They are hoping to join. I am hoping they join also.

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