Thursday, March 19, 2020

Fishing by Ken

Hello Rick and classmates,
How's it going today? This is my story below.
Do you fish? I like fishing and often go fishing. I went fishing at SUIJOKOUEN twice. Let me tell you about the story of fishing on February 22nd. 
It was the final day of the class. There were two of us that went fishing on that day. We were targetting ITOU; that is a kind of trout. It's a strong fish and if you hook it, they run much. I felt strong power twice but I couldn't hook it. The first time, my fishing line was broken by a fish. The second time my line unhooked. I believe that they were big ITO but nobody knows. It's under the water. Woe is me! I was outside for a while and I got four fish. I really enjoyed fishing and relaxed. Happy am I!

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