Friday, March 13, 2020

The Night Sky

I got interested in the night sky this year. I studied it once before. Perhaps it was 15 years ago. And now I have returned to looking up at the sky. I have binoculars. I used them for bird watching. They can also be used for looking at the mountains or ships on the sea. I used to have very expensive binoculars. They had a special device to stop the shaking when using. I could see the moons of Jupiter with them. But the device broke. My new binoculars are good but they shake. Nevertheless, I can see the moon and many stars with them. Happy am I. Now I am more interested in the movement of the objects in the sky. I plan to watch different constellations as they appear during the year. I must watch regularly. I try to watch every night. So far, it is easy to see Orion. It is there every night and it is moving more westward every night, little by little. I also see the planets; Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn rise every morning in order. Excellent! And Venus sets every night before or after the moon. Beautiful! But the most impressive object is the moon. It is ever-changing and appears at different times every day. So cool.

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