Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Waxing the house Part 1

With all that free time in the last couple of weeks, I was bored. I had to do something. Of course, I watched the news and some movies on TV. I read Alice in Wonderland again, as well as doing some super scrabble puzzles by myself. (My father used to enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles by himself. I suppose we can say "Like father, like son." in this case). But I needed to do something constructive. That means that there will be a positive or lasting result. I had been thinking about waxing the floors in January. But it wasn't a high priority. That is, it wasn't really important. Actually, I had waxed all the floors in the house twice before; approximately every four years. So, with the free time that I had, it became an easy decision. I set to work the day after my birthday, March 7th. The project would last until March 15th.

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