Friday, March 27, 2020

Super Full Moon Viewing

As you know, I've been watching the sky recently. The moon is the most intriguing (interesting/mysterious)). Why? Because it can be seen every day or night, weather permitting. This month, on March 9th and 10th, there was a full moon. Of course, I was eager to view it. One drawback (problem/demerit) with sky watching that you can only see the stars at night. This can be inconvenient. For example, I may be sleeping or relaxing or it's cold or windy outside. Yes, having fun is work! But I got lucky. It was cloudy when I went to sleep on March 9th. No chance of seeing the full moon. But, I woke up at 3AM the next morning. Why? Please imagine. I peeked outside. There was the full moon heading to the west and the horizon. I put on some clothes got my binoculars and went outside. Yes, It was cold BUT, I viewed the full moon in all it's glory! Beautiful! Then I went back to the warm comfort of my bed. Happy am I!

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