Tuesday, March 31, 2020

My March

The month started out with almost no lessons for me. Now we are back on schedule. The following is a summary of my March.
1. Celebrated my birthday. Happy birthday to me and Happy am I!
2. Waxed all the floors in or house. This was the biggest news. I did them in the first half of March.
3. Reread "Alice in Wonderland."
4. Starting sending Quizzes to my adult students as the lessons are on hold (suspended) for the time being.
5. Started walking for exercise.
6. Did stretching every morning.
7. Saw our daughter get e new job. Happy are we!
8. Did stargazing almost every night. Learned more about the night stars.
9. Saw beautiful dawns, which included the moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.
11. Attended one Kindergarten graduation ceremony.
12. Did not go to the gym at all, as it is temporarily closed. (May quit completely).
13. Doing makeup lessons for the kids ant our school on Sundays and during my free time.
14. Made up my mind to star teaching with Skype. Happy am I.
On stage before graduation ceremony.

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