Thursday, March 5, 2020

Fan heater by Kyontan

I usually go shopping by bicycle when I stay at my parents' place in Hiroshima. Let me tell you about the most expensive thing and the biggest thing I carried on my bicycle this winter vacation. It was a fan heater. Let me tell you the story.
It was winter so I needed something to warm up my room. I asked my father if he had a fan heater. He answered that there was one in storage on the porch. It was packed neatly in a box so I took it out. It looked brand new. It was heavy. I carried it upstairs step by step. No sooner had I reached the top step when my father shouted to me that it didn't work very well. I pressed the on switch as a trial. Nothing happened. Woe is me. I decided to buy a new one. I cycled to a 100 yen shop to buy some rope. Then I went to K's Denki. There, I looked for the smallest one as I had to take it home by bicycle. As I was comparing them, a clerk approached and measured a few for me. Thanks to him, I was able to find the right one. Then he helped me bind up the box on my bike. He even used an extra rope. It was a little hard to control the balance of my bicycle because it had a seat for children on the back carrier. The store is a bit far. And, it was very awkward riding but I got back home safe and sound. Happy am I.  

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