Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Woe is me by Yuko

I was shocked when I broke my violin bow last Wednesday. These days I changed to holding the bow more loosely to make a more beautiful sound. As I hadn't gotten the knack yet, I dropped my bow on the hard floor. Although I've dropped my bow before nothing had ever happened. But this time, the bow broke perfectly. I was so shocked that I couldn't continue practicing with my spare bow. Luckily, I had a lesson that day. I asked my teacher what I should do with that bow. He advised me to show it to a professional person with high skill. My teacher said that it would be difficult to restore the bow to its original condition, but there was a possibility. So, I left my bow with my teacher so his student, a qualified repair person, could look at it. Then my teacher advised me to bow more slowly and concentrate. He knows me well. I have too much curiosity. Sometimes I move on to other things before completing one thing. Furthermore, I try to do two things at once! But at my age, I fail to do that. I understand that this is a chance to change my lifestyle. I now organize my time schedule and decide on my priorities. I also practice the violin on a thick blanket just in case I drop my bow again.

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