Wednesday, February 12, 2020

My January by Hideo

My January
    We Celebrated new year party at my home with my two daughters and four grandchildren.
Every year, everyone gathers in my home for a New Year party.
    I Started table tennis and oil painting picture with my buddy last month . 
    I went to Maebashi Christ Church at the Maebashi city for the wedding party for my nephew.
    I went to Takasaki city to attend funeral(wake) for my uncle.
    I went to Habsburg Dynasty exhibition at the National Museum of Western Art in Ueno. 
It was Fantastic and very interesting.
Although he is the smallest and lightest person in Sekitori, he uses very intelligent sumo wrestling.
    I watched Mizuki Mazda win the Osaka International Marathon to advance to the third Tokyo Olympic women`s representative on TV.
Miss Maeda and Suzuki had already been determined.
The last one will be the person who set the highest record at the Nagoya Marathon.

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