Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Marathon Part 1

I made a mistake. I went to my Friday AM kindergarten lesson too early a couple of weeks ago. It usually starts at 9:50. This time it started at 11:00. Why? Because they were having practice for their annual marathon race. These days I go there by car. So, I left my school as usual, at 9:00. Actually I called the kindergarten that morning to confirm whether there was a lesson or not that day. They lady said "Yes." Unfortunately she is not the regular staff lady. She didn't mention that the lesson started at 11:00. BUT, I had made a memo in my notebook that it started at 11:00. I just didn't see it. So, it was absolutely (completely) my mistake. When I arrived at the kindergarten several teachers were surprised. Then I was told the reason. I was too early for the lesson. All were in the playground warming up. Heavy sigh. But then they invited me to join the practice. I didn't have running shoes and my clothes were not suited for running. But, it looked like fun so I joined them.

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