Friday, February 21, 2020

Hapsburg Exhibition

I decided to go to the National Art Center Toyko in Roppongi on February 9th. I saw the news about this exhibition one month ago when I visited another museum. It was a Sunday. The weather was fine, but rather windy. I took the train to Ueno and then changed to the Hibiya line. I got off at Roppongi and walked to the museum. On the way I had a noodle lunch at a classic Chinese restaurant. I then bought my ticket outside the museum. The museum building itself is very interesting. It was designed by a Mr. Kurokawa Kishou. Alas, there was no senior discount for this exhibition. But the paintings and art were very beautiful. I didn't use the audio guide. I always forget everything I hear anyway. So, I enjoyed inspecting many paintings very closely and at my pace. There were not a lot of visitors. That was nice. The exhibits started in the 15th and 16th century, then moved room by room to the present. I stayed more than two hours. And I must say, that I was pretty tired by the time I finished my viewing. I then had dessert at the coffee shop on the second floor. I also visited the Art Library on the third floor before I left. A nice day of culture.

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