Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Got a big Prize! buy Kuma

Got a big Prize !・・・・・Kuma
I went to Kawagoe Kita-in temple for new years visit in the New Year. Because Hikawa Shrine in Omiya is too crowded and there are few parking lots.
On January 2, 2020, my smart phone rang suddenly. 
“Are you Kumasan ?” 
“Yes, Kuma speaking.” 
“I’m Mr. A.””Long time no see. I’m fine. Don’t worry anymore.”
This is the phone call I’ve been waiting for three years. I met Mr. A at a golf course 30 years ago. He was for 20 years my old tough business counterpart. But we liked each  other’s golf and were on the golf course together most Saturdays.
Fortunately, the company’s performance was going well. But good fortune doesn’t last forever. Mr. A suffered from depression three years ago, was withdrawn and couldn’t be contacted.
This is the first phone call from him in three years. We decided to meet in early April.
I’m looking forward to it.                                     

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