Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Back home by Kyontan

What a practical thing it is! Going back to my parents’ house.

I went back to my parents’ house three times last year to take care of them. And I thought that it was good training for my body. Please let me talk about it.
I usually stay upstairs in my parents’ house.So, I go up and down the stairs many times. It helps to strengthen my legs.

I usually go shopping by bicycle, because I’m not allowed to drive my father’s car. It takes about 8 minutes to go to the supermarkets, et al. 

During the winter vacation, I went shopping at least twice a day. It's good exercise for my legs.  

    Cleaning the house and the garden. 
     I usually clean the house with a vacuum cleaner and the garden with some tools. It assists me in the training of my leg muscles.   

I usually cook lunch and supper and prepare the snacks. And before returning home, I usually cook main dishes for one week to ten days. Some are preserved in the cool room and some are in the refrigeration room. Cooking is beneficial to exercise my arms.

     I imagine that I would be able to shape up if I live my parents’ house.                However,  I didn’t lose so much weight though I worked so hard. Alas!!!!

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