Thursday, February 13, 2020

Ice skating Part 1

When I was a kid used to ice skate. I even played ice hockey. Even though I was never very good, I enjoyed it. I have been skating here in japan, too. Once was in Kawagoe maybe 20 years ago. And then I went to the SuiJo Koen in Ageo maybe 10 years ago. And I decided to go again last Monday 2/2/2020. (That is a coooool number, don't you think so?) Anyway, it was a challenge. I wanted to see (know) if I could do it. And the answer is...No, I couldn't skate! Here's the story. I arrived around 10AM. I went inside to see what was what. (That means to check it out and get info.) First, it was expensive, I think. It was \1,700 for the day. That is not bad if you skate all day. But I did get a \100 discount as I had JAF card. I entered and got my skates. There were many kids there with moms and dads. The locker costs \100 so there were many clothes and bags everywhere. I put on my skates. Cool! Then walked carefully to the rink. There are two rinks. One is for students, professionals and very good skaters. I went to the smaller rink, next door. It is for kids and beginners. That was certainly for me. I entered the rink. I held on to the side boards. I couldn't move! Shock! Continued tomorrow.

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