Friday, February 14, 2020

Ice skating Part 2

As I wrote yesterday, I couldn't move. I was frozen, just like the ice. I decided to hang on the sideboards and move around the rink slowly. I did that twice. There were a few people who could actually skate! They were good. There were a lot of kids and moms and dads. Some were wearing helmets. Some were falling down onto the ice. But, they got up immediately and kept trying. I thought, "I can do that." So, I let go of the sideboards and slid out to the skating lane. I watched the other skaters. I moved my right foot back to skate. My left skate was straight. I moved a little. Then I tried the opposite. I moved my left skate out to push myself. My right skate was straight. They were "baby steps." That means little by little, very carefully. It was fine. Later I talked to a gentleman skater, too. He told me that he took lessons with his daughter many years ago. He had his own skates. I also saw several teachers. Could they help? I went back to the rink and skated some more. It was cool but I had very little confidence. I fell twice, but there was no harm. After 90 minutes I decided to stop. I didn't want to get overconfident and get hurt. I was satisfied with my effort. I will definitely go again.

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