Thursday, February 27, 2020

My January by Masako

Our children and their families came to our house on New Year's Day.
1. We celebrated our New Year's party at our house on January 1st. We ate sushi, pizza, and O-sechi at night. My niece, Sayaka, played the piano and sang with everyone (all sang along).
2. We went to Chichibu in two cars to pick strawberries on January 2nd. We entered at the Okegawa-Kano entrance and got off at the Hanazono exit. We ate our fill of strawberries there. Yummy! The bad news is my grandson got the flu and my husband caught a cold. So, I had to take care of them for more than a week.
3. We went to Kannuma to play golf on January 16th. It was good weather but my score was bad. I thought that I need a lot more practice.
4. We went to Izurucho in Tochigi prefecture to eat soba on January 29th. Soba is very famous. It is far from Ageo. However, the soba was very delicious.
5. I went to Mallage to see a movie with my granddaughter on January 31st. It was "Cats". It was great!

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