Thursday, February 21, 2019

Teien Art Museum Part 2

Most rooms are square with high ceilings. The first floor has a front entrance hall, a great hall, and anteroom, a salon, a smoking room, a small drawing room, an official waiting room and a small dining room. The second floor has a hall, bedrooms, sitting rooms for each member of the family, a veranda, a library, a study, a main bathroom, a North room, a main staircase, and a stairway. The family includes the Prince and Princess and their two children, the young prince and young princess. I saw some very interesting things, too. In the main dining there are two long glass pieces in the ceiling above the table. There a figures of fruit etched in them. There are many fireplaces in the building. They are marble, green or black. They have grates in front of them. They contain fish figures. Some walls have wallpaper with figures painted on them.  Some walls are stucco with curved waves on them. I went through the building (house) once. And I read the explanation. I was very impressed with everything. I decided to go through the building again. I found the building fascinating. I'm so glad that I went.

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