Tuesday, February 5, 2019

My Driving Part 3 (The final episode)

Rick is tweeting at @RamRick2

Finally, about my driving, this time on the highway. Basically, I drive 10 kph (kilometers per hour) over the speed limit. If it is a clear highway (not much traffic) I will drive the speed limit. That means I do not drive over or under the speed limit. I drive exactly 80 or 90 or 100kph. If it is a three lane highway, I generally stay in the middle lane. If it is a two lane highway things get (become) a little complicated. Again, if it is 100 kph, I drive 110. Sometimes a car will come up from behind.  If there is no traffic, or very little traffic, I will move to the left lane. This will allow the speedy drivers behind me to go happily on their speedy, driving way. However, if there is medium traffic I will not move. If I do, I will be moving in an out of the left lane forever. After all, I am driving over the speed limit. If I try to move in and out, it could be dangerous. So, the driver behind me has to be patient and then go around me on the left. It may be a difficult situation. So, if everyone obeys the traffic laws and drives sensibly there would be less problems.

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