Friday, February 8, 2019

Ouch 2

I woke up early Sunday morning. My plan was to go to the school, do some work and then go to Tokyo. I wanted to visit the Teien Art Museum. Before I left my house I opened the shutters. Then I turned too quickly. Ouch! I twisted my knee. It was in a delicate condition so when I turned abruptly (suddenly) it turned sharply. I tried to walk. Curses! It was more painful now. I couldn't walk well. If I went slowly, I could proceed, but it was too slow. My trip to Tokyo was off (cancelled). Heavy sigh. So I went ot the school. It was easy riding my bike. Why? Because there is no pressure on the knee. I got to the school at 7:30. I checked the Internet. The most recent Eiken tests have finished. So, they post the the complete test and the audio files from the listening practice. So now, I had something to do. I always make copies of the test (which is easy) and then I download the audio files. Then I transfer them to my old computer. That computer has a special software, I can edit the files and make CDs. But, please...don't tell anyone. BTW my knee is getting better. (The photo is of my school CDs which I made years ago.)

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