Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Edo Tokyo Museum

I went to Tokyo February 17th. I wanted to explore the RyouGoku district. I had an ambitious plan. I wanted to visit two museums several parks, a spa and have a Chanko Nabe lunch. My first stop was the Edo Tokyo Museum right next to the Ryou Koku Gi Kan. I wnet in. After buying my senior discount ticket (Yeah) I went up to the second floor. And, lo and behold, There were guides. Thye spoke English and guided for free. Mayumi-san was my guide. She spoke very good English. She took me around the museum telling me the stories and history of Edo/Tokyo. She also gave me great tips on where and when to stand for special events. That was cool. The museum is huge. Visitors were there but not too many. The tour took 90 minutes and I must say that my legs were getting weak. I was happy when it was over and I did learn a lot. The displays are interesting and beautiful. There are bridges and buildings and high tech displays. My guide was fantastic. They also have guided tours for free in Japanese, if you are interested. 

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