Friday, February 22, 2019

Lunch at Angelas

I went to the gym last Thursday at 9AM. Then Miwako and I went out to lunch. There is a nice restaurant in Kitamoto City called Angelo's. Do you know it? It is on NakaSenDou very near where the KenOuDou passes underneath. I teach at a Kindergarten very near there every week. The building is white with a brown coned roof. I always see many cars there and sometimes people lined up to get in. So, we went there just at noon. We didn't have to wait. There were many people there enjoying lunch. On our way to our seats I saw a case full of desserts. WOW! They all looked so delicious! When we were ready to order lunch, we were told that the special was Ikura pasta. It looked good, so M ordered it. I got a carbornara pasta lunch. Both included salad (very good) and dessert. I had a choice, so I went to look at that glass case. Then we ate. Everything was delicious. It was a bit expensive, but definitely worth it. BTW I don't drink coffee so I ordered a Maccha Lotte. And I got a tart with chocolate ice cream. YUMMY!

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