Friday, February 15, 2019

Sit or Stand 2nd Part

When I returned home I got on at Meguro and sat down, no problem. I changed trains at Shibuya. I caught an Utsunomiya line train. I had to stand. At first I stood in front of a young lady. She pretended to sleep. So, at Shibuya I moved. I parked (stood) in front of a family of three. They got off at Shinjuku so my strategy (plan) worked (was successful). I sat down with three other people. Then at Ikebukuro. The person on my left and the person on my right got off. I sat but all the people in front of me did not sit down! I looked up and saw a mom and baby and an old couple. I immediatey slid to my left to sit in the oen space there. It was next to another mom and baby. The old lady and the mom and baby then were able to sit down. At Akabane, I got up to let the old gent (maybe 75+) have my seat. (I had rested enough by then). I stood until Urawa. Many people got off there and I thought I had a chance to sit. But a father and son beat me to two seats and then a 40-year-old guy beat me to the other. Surprisingly, he offered me his seat. I shook my head NO and said that I was getting off at Omiya. At Omiya I changed to the Takasaki line and got a seat immediately in a priority seat and sat until Okegawa. I took the elevator up.

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