Wednesday, February 6, 2019


It was last Thursday. I just finished an early lesson at my school. That student comes by car so, I park my car at the MINE department store for about two hours. So, I was on my way to my car. It only takes about 3 minutes. And, after the first 30 seconds the road curves to the right. There, it turns green: there are trees, bushes and grass. Well, on this day, out of the blue, I heard a bird singing. I recognized that tune. It was a Japanese White-eye. And...there were two! I stopped in my tracks. I looked towards the singing. I searched and there they were. I looked closely. One flew closer to a new limb on his tree. He tuned left and then right to show me his pretty green feather and then his white eye. I felt lucky. I continue on and then there was another bird It was a Great Tit. It has blue an white an black colors. It did not sing for me. But, that was OK. I was very happy to meet these two colorful fliers from the sky.
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