Wednesday, February 13, 2019

My trip to France by Kazuko Part 2

It snowed our last two days in Paris. We walked around to see the town in the snow. The view from Monmartre, which is the highest place in Paris, was amazing. The opera house was glorious and luxurious, like a palace. I felt that I would really like to see an opera there. At Sainte Chapel, the beauty and magnificence of the stained glass took my breath away. I was very impressed with everything. In Paris, the Metro is a convenient means of transportation. We took it everywhere. However, transferring was a challenge for me. Why? There were no escalators! We had to go up and down the stairs when we changed trains. I was very tired. We worried about the current political situation in France before this trip. Luckily our trip was over without incident. I had a great time. France is awesome!

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