Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Teien Art Museum Part 1

I finally paid a visit to (went to) the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. It used to be the residence (home) of Prince Asaka and his family in the 1920s through the 40s, up till the end of World War 2. I have wanted to go there for a while. One student visited it and said it was great. So, two Sundays ago I made my plan. I blogged last week about the train ride there and back. So, this time I will only blog about the museum itself. First of all, it was dark inside. Look at the pic. The building is very  simple. It is square. There is a collage collection on display inside now. The curtains are drawn (closed) on most windows to protect the art. Therefore, there is not much sunlight inside. And, I must say that it is not very colorful. The collage works are all black and white. And the design of the building is drab. The main colors are brown, dark green, yellow and gray/black. The floors are all covered with a beige carpet to protect them. At one point I looked inside the bathroom upstairs. The two toilets were white and the walls were gray and blue tiles. Very simple. There are two floors. I was up and down twice to revisit all the rooms. Continued tomorrow.

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