Thursday, February 7, 2019

Ouch 1

Rick is tweeting at @RamRick2
I hurt my knee. How? It happened at the gym. I overdid it. That means that I did too much exercising. In this case, I ran too much. Here's the story. I have a routine at the gym that I follow religiously (= very strictly). First, I do a little stretching. The first part of my training is muscle building. That is for my arms. Then I run on the treadmill for 18 minutes. Then arm muscle training again. Well! When I did my running I felt a small pain in my right knee. I have felt little pains there before but they went away (disappeared) soon. But this time, after I got home my knee swelled up. There was no black and blue bruises but, it got bigger and hurt a little when I walked. There was not much pain but it was different. That was Thursday  afternoon. I managed to do all my lessons with no problems. It was a little uncomfortable, that was all. So, I went to the gym Saturday night as usual. Things went well. I got some instructions on how to use three new exercise machines. These will help me in my eternal (forever) quest (mission) to slim down my waist. But, the next morning something happened. Continued tomorrow. 

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