Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Yasukuni Shrine

As I said last time, after seeing the Emperor's greeting many of us walked through the palace grounds to the Northern Gate. I exited there and saw that many people continued across the street. I followed. We entered Kita-no -Maru Park. It is a nice park. I rested at one bench for 10 minutes. Then I went to the only shop there was. I bought a sandwich and a strawberry dessert. I did not get a coffee! (That is my resolution for 2019....no coffee.) When I left, I walked past the BuDouKan and finally to the YasuKuni Shrine. The skies were still blue. It was cold but not much wind this day. I walked under the huge Torii. There was an outdoor food court to my right. People on my left they were selling various (different kinds of) goods. I by-passed them all. I entered the shrine grounds. I walked around the back of the shrine. I did not pray at the shrine because I would go with my family the following day. There were many people lined up to pray at this shrine. I left. On my way out I stopped at one of the stalls. The guy was selling salt. It was pink. It was cheap. So, I bought one as a souvenir. I was getting tired. I found the nearest Metro and in no time (quickly) I was in Tokyo station. I was home soon after that.

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