Thursday, January 24, 2019

NinGyou Chou

I made another trip to Tokyo on January 13th. It was the day before the Coming of Age Holiday. I was wondering where to go. My daughter suggested 'NinGyouChou'. I have heard of NinGyouCho but I did not know where it was. So, I checked my map. I took the Hibiya subway from Ueno to NinGyouCho station. When I arrived I was surprised to find...not much. My family told me to follow the crowds. That sounded like a good idea. But there were not any crowds. There were a lot of shops. I bought two little Ningyou Ankous. Then I saw the SuiTenGu temple. I went there and got in line. There were may 150 people. I joined the line and we slowly made our way to the temple. I heard that this place is where woman may go when they are pregnant to pray for a healthy baby. Well, I wasn't pregnant but I made my visit. From there I returned to the main street and found a sweets shop. I bought a slice of chocolate cake and ate it there. I moved along the street and found another shop. I went in to have a Shiroka. That was also delicious. From there I went to Shinbashi. I stopped in at Takashimaya. The stores in Tokyo are so much bigger than the ones here in Saitama! Finally I walked to Tokyo station. I was on the Yaesu (East) side. I got a train to back home, safe and sound.

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