Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Emperor's Birthday

As you may know, I am very interested in Tokyo, which is the capital of Japan. I started visiting different areas from last fall. I then bought a couple of maps and started investigating. I heard that there was a special event at the Imperial Palace on Decemebr 23rd every year. I heard that it was an address (speech) made by the the current Emperor of Japan, Akihito. I decided that I would go and check it out. I left Okegawa station at 9:30. I got to Tokyo a little after 10:00. I immediately got in line in outside the palace. Then I saw people...lots of people...exiting the palace. They kept coming and coming. Finally we got our turn. First there was a bag check that we had ot go through. Then we waited again. When we did move again there was a body check to get throuhg. Then we awaited again. Now peoprle in front of us started going in. But, before our turn came. a police officer announced that we wold not be able ot hear the address by the Emperor. But, we were welcome to enter and visit the interior grounds of the palace. I left and went to Hibiya Park.

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