Thursday, January 31, 2019

Driving Part 2

So, how has my driving changed. I drive slower. I drive slower. I drive slower. And I must say that it is wonderful. Here are three reasons. 
1. I can see everything more clearly. For example: did a bicycle suddenly appear on my right or left? Is there a pedestrian (person) walking along the road? Will the traffic signal change soon? Are some kids playing near the road? Of course you can do that even if you drive 50 or 60. However everyone understand (knows) that the faster you drive, the slower your reaction time is. 
2. I am more relaxed = less stressed. I drive my daughters to the station every weekday morning. One of them can drive and the other one cannot. They never comment on my new, careful driving style. Also, I feel more comfortable with my wife's careful driving. 
3. Last but not least, it saves on fuel (gasoline/petrol). Probably not a lot, but it is helpful for our pocketbook and for the environment. 
Next time I will talk about how I now drive. Stay tuned.  

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