Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Close Encounter

I teach at a kindergarten in Konousu. Last Friday my students were the youngest..the Nen-shous. This day we practiced colors. I brought some large cards in different colors. These lessons finish early as the kids are so young. After the lesson  they took me to hte station as usual and I thought I would make my train. But, I made an error. I thought the train left at just noon. However it actually left at 11:59. So, when we arrived at the staotn, the train was pulling in. I had a couple of choices. There was an elevator nearby. I could wait for that and then dash to the platform.  The steps were right in front of me so I could run up them and then onto the platform. Or I could give it up and wait for the next train (which comes in 17 minutes.) I chose Number 3. I started up the stairs slowing and then picked up the pace. I looked up when I got near the top and there was someone waiting for me there. It was a COP! A Police officer! Was I speeding? Did I not stop at the stop sign? What had I done? Nothing. He was passing out Safety Badges. He gave me one. Cool! His partner took two photos of us and then the first cop gave a bonus. It is a      character. It glows in the dark. I guess it was in the stars that I miss my train.

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