Thursday, January 10, 2019

Bicycle Tour Part 2

It was a beautiful sunny day. The skies were a brilliant blue. Of course it was cool. I went back to my bicycle and completed my trip around the palace grounds. I was back in front of the palace facing Tokyo station. I had a plan to cycle to Tokyo Dome. And I was getting hungry. I biked along Hibiya Douri. I started looking at restaurants. Lots of other people had the same idea. I did find one place but it was full. I hate waiting. So, I found the next place. Not so crowded. I went upstairs and had a very good meal. It was nabe. I paid the check and went outside to my bicycle. I was right in front of Yasukuni Douri. I was tired by this time. Should I go there instead of Tokyo Dome? Or, should I go home. It was nearly 2pm by now. I didn't want to take my bike on a crowded train. I decided to go home. I went along under the tracks from Kanda station to Tokyo station North Side. There, I went in and walked my bicycle, slowly, to the track entrance. I folded it up, put it in its bag and carried it to the Takasaka Line. But, the next train was an Utsnomiya line one. I took it and was able to sit down. I changed trains at Saitama ShinTou Shin station. From there straight to Okegawa. I was beat by the time I arrived around 3:30. It was a nice adventure.

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