Thursday, January 17, 2019


Umi-hotaru is a nickname of a rest area on the Tokyo Bay Aqua-line, an expressway connecting between Kawasaki City in Kanagawa Prefecture and Kisarazu City in Chiba Prefecture. It is built across Tokyo Bay. The length is 14 kilometers. The west side ( Kawasaki side) is 9.6 km undersea tunnel. The east side (Kisarazu side) is 4.4 km bridge. And there is the Umi-hotaru rest area at the bridge-tunnel crossover point. It has restaurants, shops and amusement facilities. 
I heard about this from a couple of students. I have wanted to go there for a while. When we stayed in Tokyo December 31st and January 1st, we had our chance. After breakfast at the hotel, three of us headed to the tunnel. That is when I fell asleep in the back seat. When I woke up we were at the rest area. It was pretty cool. There were lots of cars coming from Chiba...many more than coming from Tokyo. We had lunch a the food court. We didn't shop though. The toilets were C-L-E-A-N! And the views were magnificent. If you ever get hte chance I recommend that you take the time to visit Umi-hotaru.

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