Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Driving Part 1

I will talk about driving the car this week. First I have a pet peeve. I have mentioned (said) before that my Numero Uno (Number One) pet peeve is people blowing their car horns. So, this time I will talk about my driving. It has changed. It has changed drastically (dramatically).  Why? Because we got a drive recorder (DR) installed in our car. It records the road both in front of our car and in the the rear (back) of our car. This DR will provide (give) proof, or evidence, in case of an accident. I think that is the main reason for a DR. It also can be used to show some crazy drivers who try to intimidate (scare) you when you are driving, especially woman. My wife is an excellent driver. She drives cautiously and carefully. She obeys all traffic laws. On the either hand, I speed sometimes. (But I NEVER  blow my horn). HOWEVER, now we have a DR in our car. So, IF I MAKE A MISTAKE while driving the DR will show that I AM WRONG. OMG! I have to (must) drive carefully and cautiously, just like my wife. I started dong that immediately. So, what has changed? I will elaborate (explain in detail) more in my next couple of blogs.

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