Tuesday, November 13, 2018

USA Midterm elections

Last Tuesday, November 6th, the midterm elections were held in my home country, the US of A. In this election people vote for the representatives for their state. There is no voting for the POTUS (President Of The United States). That vote took place (happened) two years ago in 2016 and will happen again two years from now in 2020. So, what does it mean? It is very difficult to explain in this small BLOG space. The citizens for each state vote for their state representatives. As I live in Japan I cannot vote now. Why? Because I do not live in any state. However I can vote for president because I am a US citizen. In this election there were no surprises. The results were as most people predicted. The Republican Party won their share and the Democratic party won their share. There were two things that I noticed. One was that many women were elected to seats in the House and Senate. Also, the voter turnout (how many people voted) was only 49%. That was very disappointing. I look forward to voting in 2020.

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